Continuous processes require retractable sensor holders that allow easy insertion and removal of the sensor. Hamilton offers a variety of housings with multiple materials, process connections, insertion lengths, and retraction methods.


The RetractoFit and Retractofit Bio are manually retractable armature designed industrial applications with process pressures up to 6 bar.

Retractex B

A manual / pneumatic retractable armature for sanitary applications in biotechnology, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

Retractex C

For applications that require flange or NPT process connections. Options for plastic and stainless as well as manual and pneumatic retraction.

Retractex BC

The Retractex BC offers stainless and plastic wetted options for downstream pharma and chemical applications with G 1¼" (Ingold) mounting.

Retractex C LT

LT equals "Long Travel". This housing allows for extended insertion depth into the process. Ideal for applications with long nozzles or tee fittings.

Retractex Housing Family

Learn about the core features of the Retractex family of sensor housings, as well as maintenance and service of the product.


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