Part # Description
242532 Replacement Kit Seal Pusher
237219 Service Kit FlexiFit FKM
237388 Service Kit RetractoFit PEEK
237319 Service Kit FlexiFit FFKM
242598 Hygenic Socket O-Ring Replacement Set FFKM
242597 Hygenic Socket O-Ring Replacement Set SILICONE
242595 Hygienic Socket O-Ring Replacement Kit EPDM
242596 Hygienic Socket O-Ring Replacement Set FKM
237339 Service Kit RetractoFit FFKM
237229 Service Kit MasterFit
237252 Pressure Adapter MasterFit
237338 Service Kit RetractoFit Bio
237366 Service Kit FlexiFit Bio
242281 Service Kit Retractex HyCIP EPDM
242282 Service Kit Retractex HyCIP FKM
242283 Service Kit Retractex HyCIP FDA
242286 Service Kit Retractex TC/VV/BC EPDM
242287 Service Kit Retractex TC/VV/BC FKM
242538 DO Adapter
237255 Insertion Tube Short


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