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Hamilton genuine cables for VisiFerm ECS DO sensors provide power for the sensor, as well as, a conventional nanoAmp (nA) signal for bioreactors that are designed for polarographic DO sensors.

  • Powered Bioreactor Controller Cables (for replacement of polarographic DO)

    Part # / Ref # Description
    242413 VisiFerm T82/D4 Power Adapter
    355245-xx 2.5 m Power Cable VP8 / Lemo
    355258-xx 4 m Power Cable VP8 / Binder / Power Plug
    355296-xx 3 m Power Cable VP8 / BNC / Power Plug
    355297-xx 1 m Power Cable VP8 / BNC / Power Plug
  • ECS Power Cables (ArcAir to PC or passive hard-wired connections)

    Part # / Ref # Description
    243490-01 Arc USB Power Cable VP8
    243490-02 Arc USB Power Cable M12
    355194-xx 1 m Cable VP8 / Open End / Power Plug
  • VP8 Cables (VisiFerm ECS connection to powered devices)

    Part # / Ref # Description
    355217 1 m Cable VP8 / Open End
    355218 3 m Cable VP8 / Open End
    355219 5 m Cable VP8 / Open End
    355220 10 m Cable VP8 / Open End
    355221 15 m Cable VP8 / Open End
    355222 20 m Cable VP8 / Open End

Powered vs. non-powered cables

Powered Cables

Hamilton Visiferm ECS DO sensors have built-in electronics within the sensor head. The electronics require a separate power supply to function, in addition to wires for signal transmission. 12 to 24V power supplied to the sensor depending on its source. If power is available at the process control system then the cable can be directly wired for power and signal using bare leads.

In many cases, such as bioreactor controllers, there is no power available at the device. These applications require a power supply on a third leg of the cable, separate from the sensor or the device. The connector at the sensor will be a VP8 cable connector. The connection at the opposite end can vary from either bare leads to specialized connectors such as BNC, Binder or Lemo depending on the controller manufacturer and their pin configuration.

Cable Visiferm Ecs Vp8 Lemo
Example - A powered cable such as Ref 355245-XX shown above has a VP connector for the sensor, a Lemo connector that works with certain bioreactors, and a 3rd leg with power supply that provides external power to the VisiFerm sensor.

Since external power for sensors is a common requirement of many bioreactor controllers Hamilton has developed a Bioreactor Cable Guide. Click below to learn more.

Non-Powered Cables

Non-powered cables have dedicated wires for transmitting signals between the sensor and transmitter. The ECS sensor signal (nAmp) represents the measurement value. The opposite end of the cable is typically bare wire leads for connection to a transmitter and power supply. Special versions of these cables are also available for connection to bioreactors.



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