EasyFerm ORP Traditional

EasyFerm Plus ORP sensors have the all the advantages of our pre-pressurized reference design combined with a large platinum electrode surface for easy cleaning in sanitary applications.
ORP Sensor Easyferm Plus Arc

EasyFerm ORP Arc

Arc technology with a variety of sensor length options make this versatile sensor ideal for process control and monitoring in bioprocesses.

Phermlyte Electrolyte

Phermlyte electrolyte paired with the pre-pressurized reference and HP Coatramic diaphragm delivers constant electrolyte flow resulting in drift free measurement over the life of the sensor.

Large Platinum Electrode

Easy to clean with lots of surface area works well in applications where coating and build-up on the sensor is a concern.

Sensor Outputs

Traditional ORP sensors offer a standard mV signal that works with existing bioreactors and transmitters. Arc sensors can be connected directly to the control system through 4-20mA or digital signals.


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