4-Pole sensors were designed for the measurement of liquid conductivity. The engineering design based on 4-electrode principle guarantees excellent linearity from 1 μS/cm up to 300 mS/cm. The main application for Conducell sensors is the in-line measurement under demanding conditions found in biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

Conducell 4Uxf Conductivity sensor

Conducell 4UxF

Great linearity over a broad measurement range. Well suited for hygienic applications with standard PG13.5 threads as well as Varivent and Neumo BIOConnect options.
Conducell 4-pole conductivity sensor

Conducell 4US

With Triclamp and G 1 1/4" process connections the Conducell 4US can be directly mounted into sanitary process fittings with no additional housing needed.
SpecificationConducell 4UxFConducell 4US
Measuring Range 1 µS/cm - 300 mS/cm 0.1 µS/cm - 500 mS/cm
Measurement Principle 4-pole 4-pole
Operating Temperature Range -20 – 150 °C

(Arc: analog 0 – 110 °C, digital 0 – 130 °C)
-20 – 135 °C
Pressure Range (bar g) -1 – 20 bar (135 °C)

-1 - 10 bar (140 °C)
0 – 6 bar
Hygienic Aspects Autoclavable, CIP, SIP CIP, SIP
Cell Constant 0.36/cm 0.147/cm
Electrode Material S=Stainless Steel 1.4435

H=Stainless Steel 2.4602


Stainless Steel 1.4435

Specific Applications


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