Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is crucial in any biopharma application. One Key Process Indicator critical to PAT implementation is how many cells are present (also known as cell density). Monitoring cell density is the first step toward in-situ control at the bioreactor. Cell density can be measured two ways: using only the living or viable cells or using the total cells, including dead cells.

Sensor TypeIn-line viable biomassIn-line total biomass
SignalCapacitanceOptical density
CorrelationOnly viable cells using a cell factorTotal cells (and cellular debris/particles) using an in-process model builder
Application ConsiderationsNo influence by media composition or microcarriers. High resolution for a wide range of cell concentrations. In-depth data analysis can show changes in cell physiology. Minimum concentration thresholds apply.Combination of transmission and reflection measurement modes enables high precision in a wide range of biomass applications. Wide measurement range compared to sensors only using one measurement mode. Maximum concentration thresholds apply.
Robust MeasurementAdherent and suspension-based processesSuspension-based processes
Ideal SystemsMammalian, insect, bacterial/yeast, fungalBacteria and yeast; use in conjunction with Incyte in other systems
ApplicationsLearn more through the Incyte Arc application notesLearn more through the Dencytee Arc application notes

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