Pressurized housings are used with the refillable ChemoTrode sensors. The pressurization ensures a constant outflow of electrolyte which helps to prevent clogging of the diaphragm and poisoning of the electrolyte. It can be used in a large variety of applications in the chemical industry.


A static housing with G 1¼" process connection and multiple insertion depths to accommodate processes up to 6 bar.


All the advantages of refillable sensor technology can now be paired with a manually retractable housing.


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  • Manual - MasterFit & RetractoMaster

    Manual for MasterFit & RetractoMaster
  • BSE / TSE / Jatropha Statement

    All products manufactured by HAMILTON Bonaduz AG are produced from synthetic or manufactured components. HAMILTON products and processes do not make use of raw materials of animal or human or Jatropha origin at any point in their manufacture and storage.
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