Dissolved oxygen and cell density measurement are the main focus

(Bonaduz - 2nd September 2015) – At this year’s BrauBeviale Hamilton Bonaduz AG will show the new sensor VisiTrace DO and Beverly for measuring dissolved oxygen in brewery processes. From November 10 to 12, decision makers can also inform themselves about the sensors Incyte and Dencytee for the measurement of viable and total cell density, in hall 6 stand 6-218.

VisiTrace DO provides an optical sensor technology for the precise measurement of oxygen concentrations in low ppb ranges. The company meets therewith an essential need for brewery processes notably after the filtration, before filling and after water-de-aeration. The well-known short response time of the optical technology ensures a rapid detection of changing dissolved oxygen contents. Another major benefit especially for breweries is the fact that the oxygen-sensitive sensor cap is stabilized against active chlorine and chlorine dioxide that may be present in the CIP solution or the rinsing water.


The integrated micro transmitter in the sensor head of the VisiTrace DO provides reliable signals directly to the process control system via a 4-20 mA interface. The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 ensures furthermore a wireless data exchange with appropriately equipped smartphones and tablets. The app required for the Bluetooth 4.0 is available for iOS and Android. With this app customers have the same functionality with the devices at the tank or at the pipe as they have it with the process control system. Sensor status, self-diagnosis information and current measurement values are shown and adjustments can be made.

Hamilton’s portable measuring device Beverly was developed in close cooperation with breweries. It provides easy and fast quality control, used at any point during the brewery process. The harsh brewery conditions demand for a robust design, a user friendly operation and an easy maintenance. By using the optical dissolved oxygen sensor VisiFerm DO with its integrated intelligence, Beverly provides especially for small and medium-sized breweries the highest efficiency at a fair price.

Increasing demand for yeast management

Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics at Hamilton states: “Apart from the dissolved oxygen measurement, we will introduce our cell density measurement solutions”. Incyte and Dencytee offer a trend-setting sensor solution technology for measuring the viable and total cell density. The Incyte Sensor is based on a real-time capacitance measurement of viable yeast cells in an alternating electrical field. Dencytee determines the total cell density by measuring the optical density in near-infrared wave lengths. A significant feature here is the light intensity at the detector that is kept constant, providing a wider measuring range. Both sensors are suitable to determine the end of the yeast propagation. These measurement techniques ensure that the yeast cells used for the fermentation are vital and their metabolism is in the phase of maximum multiplication. This leads to quickly metabolized carbohydrates, complete fermentations and finally to tasty beer.