Go-ahead for joint laboratory with university in Shanghai

(Bonaduz, June 2, 2014) - Just recently, a new project of Hamilton Bonaduz AG was given the go-ahead in Shanghai. Together with the National Engineering Research Center for Biochemical Technology (NERC) of the East China University for Science and Technology (ECUST), the company created a joint laboratory.

The university’s NERCenter is famous for optimization and scaling up for fermentation processes and is therefore an excellent partner for Hamilton. Hence, the new research laboratory was established on the premises of the NERC; it is supposed to be of benefit to the Swiss experts for process sensor technology as well as to the students. Hamilton already established the contact in the previous year and invited the Center’s associate dean to their headquarters to set the course for communication regarding the cooperation. The young scientists of ECUST now have the possibility to train with modern bioreactor technology and test Hamilton’s sensors, which are famous in the world, on their own research projects. The latest technology products include EasyFerm Plus Arc sensors and VisiFerm DO Arc sensors and are mainly used in the Center’s fermentation tanks to monitor pH and DO (dissolved oxygen) during the fermentation process.

However, one of Hamilton’s main focuses is the fact that their new, innovative sensor technology can be tested independently by students and scientists within the joint laboratory. It is very important to the company to provide better service in the biotechnology field with innovative technology and reliable measurement. Additionally, it will be possible to establish a basis for an expansion of their market for sales.

“We are positive that this cooperation will be beneficial for either partner”, declares Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Manager Process Analytics and adds that not only the Chinese fermentation industry but also the bio-tech industry will gain profit from this association.