Hamilton uses the ideal platform to demonstrate on-line measurement solutions of viable and total cell density

(Bonaduz, 26.08.2015) – Hamilton Bonaduz AG is going to present its innovative products at this year’s BioProduction in Dublin again. The trade fair takes place from the 14th – 15th of October 2015 and provides the most important platform for decision makers from every biotechnological field. Biotechnological processes are gaining more and more importance in the industry. Therefore, the need for adequate sensor solutions is increasing significantly. Hamilton meets exactly these needs and convinces with trend-setting sensor solutions for measuring the viable and total cell density. The sensors Incyte and Dencytee are part of this portfolio. They provide a means for direct real-time measurement of viable cell density and the total cell density. Continuous data, never available before, is now available constantly. Information about critical process deviations that would have been missed before, are detected instantly due to the new sensors. In contrast to the off-line measurement method, on-line measurement offers faster insights for process changes and reduces risk from grab sampling, ensuring significantly improved yield. Users have the option to connect Arc sensors that have an integrated micro transmitter in the sensor head, storing all relevant data like calibration and life-time information, wirelessly to the Arc View Controller for Incyte and Dencytee. In addition to monitoring cell density, dissolved oxygen and pH can also be shown on the display and stored simultaneously.