Hamilton Bonaduz AG launches two new forensic workstations to facilitate library preparation for Massive Parallel Sequencing (MPS). Both platforms provide walk-away, contamination-free sample preparation, ensuring full sample traceability throughout the complete process.

The ID NGS-V STARlet is the new go-to system for qualified automation solutions for post-PCR sample preparation steps of the ForenSeqTM DNA Signature Prep Kit from Verogen. Up to 96 samples can be processed without any user intervention: The STARlet’s integrated barcode reader identifies samples and reagents automatically, and the software tracks the full process and exchanges input/output data files with local LIMS and downstream sequencers.

The system offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that guides users through the complete process and allows for the monitoring of the instrument’s functionality during the entire process.

The ID NGS-T STARlet offers similar qualified automation for the Applied BiosystemsTM Precision ID NGS System for Human Identification from ThermoFisher Scientific. The following five panels have been (and are currently) validated: the Precision ID Identity Panel, the Precision ID Ancestry Panel, the Precision ID mtDNA Whole Genome Panel, the Precision ID mtDNA Control Region Panel, and the Precision ID GlobalFilerTM NGS STR Panel v2. With up to 88 samples walk-away processing capacity, the system is the ideal solution for medium throughput labs and produces pooled libraries ready for templating with no user intervention. The STARlet’s unique, automatic barcode identification during the loading process, eliminates manual transcription errors and enables full tracking documentation for each sample. A dedicated user interface allows for intuitive access to any instrument function and simplifies daily tasks for the operator.

These new platforms enable every forensic genomic laboratory to experience today’s latest and most innovative next generation sequencing technologies.

“Our new ID STARlets efficiently prepare NGS libraries from DNA samples extracted from even the most challenging forensic evidence - with sensitivities as low as 1ng of starting material”, says Lionel Ausset, Hamilton’s Senior Application Specialist Forensic. “The systems not only increase throughput, but they also relieve users from repetitive strain and fatigue, letting them refocus their time on data interpretation and other activities.”

Hamilton’s unique technology is the benchmark for contamination-free sample processing, as demonstrated by hundreds of installations around the world. Combined with the validated methods, users can be sure to achieve the highest possible quality results, with proven chain-of-custody records for each sample, correlated with its case and assigned analyst.

The ID NGS-V STARlet and the ID NGS-T STARlet are available for ordering now.

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