Hamilton and Artel Collaboration Yields Standardized Customer Solutions to Validate Automated Liquid Handler Performance Integrity

Standard solution reduces assay-specific programming requirements and facilitates highly consistent, accurate, and precise results

Reno, Nevada, USA (February 7, 2022) – As part of a mutual objective to safeguard high and consistent liquid handler performance levels, Hamilton Company and Artel today announced that they are near completion of a packaged solution to standardize performance validation of Hamilton’s automated liquid handlers. This packaged solution will reduce time and efforts compared to assay-specific validation methods, ensure highly consistent, accurate, and precise results, and strengthen the ability to compare performance and results across all Hamilton automated liquid handlers within a facility or across a broad laboratory network.

The solution will include optimized methods, standard carriers, and on-site startup service support from Hamilton along with all necessary consumables and reagents from Artel. At launch, the solution will be available for new and existing Microlab® STAR™ and Microlab VANTAGE automated liquid handlers and is applicable for the vast majority of customer use cases.

Each of Hamilton’s three Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE®) tips are tested within their respective volume ranges using the independent pipetting channels or CO-RE 96 Multi-Probe Head (MPH). Accuracy and precision are automatically calculated for each tip or channel, and detailed results for each test may be exported to a LIS or printed to satisfy documentation requirements.

“Any time we can simplify, strengthen, and streamline customer workflows, we jump at the opportunity,” says Michael Mouradian, Vice President of Robotics at Hamilton Company. “This jointly created packaged solution provides incredibly rigorous calibration, verification, and optimization of a Hamilton automated liquid handler so that our customers can save time and increase confidence. Nat Hentz, Vice President at Artel, adds, “As liquid handling processes become increasingly challenging with low volumes and complex biological fluids, we are pleased to partner with Hamilton in helping scientists achieve the highest quality performance of their liquid handlers.”

Protocols specific to Hamilton’s CO-RE 384 MPH as well as the Microlab NIMBUS® and Microlab Prep™ automated liquid handlers are in active development and will be available shortly. Upon its release, the packaged solution will be available to U.S.-based customers.

About Hamilton Company:

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About Artel:

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