Digital sensor fulfills the requirements of USP <645>

(Bonaduz, 28.3.2015) – The quality of ultra-pure water can now be monitored with the help of the new Conducell UPW Arc sensors developed by Hamilton Bonaduz AG. In biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as in microelectronics, low conductivity limits have to be met in order to ensure high quality products. The sensors fulfill all valid pharmacopoeia regulations, such as the USP (United States Pharmacopeia, EP (European Pharmacopoeia) and JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia). Their measurement principle is based on a 2 pole conductivity sensor. The sensors consist of two components: the Arc module with the integrated micro transmitter and the conductivity cell. According to the USP <645> both can be separated from each other to verify the meter with the help of the new UPW-simulator. The simulator contains a traceable high precision resistor and will be connected to the Arc module so that the conductivity cell remains installed in the ultra-pure water tank or in the pipe. The certified value of the resistor can be seen at the process control system or the optional Arc View Handheld device if Arc Wi adapters are used. Conducell UPW Arc Sensors are available in two versions: PG13,5 and TC 1.5”. Due to the Arc technology the sensors provide diagnosis information, history, calibration data and alarm monitoring of the ultra-pure water according to USP <645>. As direct signal output an analog 4-20 mA interface or a digital Modbus interface are built into the sensors.