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  • Today Roche and Hamilton Robotics jointly announced the introduction of a new, integrated platform enabling automated DNA sample enrichment for Roche’s 454 GS Junior sequencer.

  • Hamilton Robotics is a leader in automated liquid handling systems, enabling standardized applications, quickly and affordably. The new Genomic STARlet provides versatility with one system that can run up to eight pre-installed protocols and accommodates different input samples, including bacterial, eukaryotic cells, tissue, blood, plants, and others. Read on to learn more.

  • Hamilton Storage Technologies has been named the 2013 Southeast Gold winner of the MassEcon Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Award, which celebrates companies that have made an outstanding contribution to the Massachusetts economy. MassEcon selected winners based on job growth, facility expansion, and investment since January 1, 2012, as well as other criteria including community involvement. Finalists competed on a regional basis, defined as West, Central, Southeast, Northeast, and Greater Boston.