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  • New NIMBUS System Automates Vacuum-Based SPE

  • Hygienic sockets are a process port and built-in housing in one. These innovative sockets for pH, oxygen and conductivity sensors were developed to ease installation and maintenance, improve cleanability and increase human safety. With their space saving design and simple sterilisation, they are ideal for use in fermenters.

  • The scientific industry is currently experiencing the most severe acetonitrile shortage in history. This world-wide shortage began in the fall of 2008 and has proceeded to get worse.

  • Hamilton Company, world leader in fluid measurement, announces the publication of an index booklet that specifies HPLC column selection for 1,393 different compounds. While the majority of the supporting separations were performed by third-party researchers, the index includes applications and chromatograms produced by Hamilton for 487 of the compounds. The new booklet is available free of charge, by e-mail request to: [email protected]. The index is also published on the Hamilton web site, at the following link with clickable links to applications and chromatograms.