Hamilton automated storage solutions provide efficiencies in drug discovery workflows to eliminate the time-consuming hassle of manual reagent and compound management and the risk of mishandling or other errors. Further increase productivity and throughput when integrating a Hamilton automated storage system with a Hamilton automated liquid handler to maximize research potential.

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Benefits of Automating with Hamilton

  • Easily integrate with third-party software, LIMS and other Hamilton automated systems for enhanced performance and efficiencies
  • Confidence through end-to-end compound and reagent tracking, user permission levels, and full, standardized documentation
  • Increased productivity with rapid, hands-free sample deposit, retrieval, transport, and processing, and centralized storage of multiple container types
  • Scalable systems to adapt to changing needs without disruption
  • Dependable, robust performance time after time and run after run

A Hamilton Solution for Neurocrine Biosciences

Neurocrine researches novel treatments for neurologic, psychiatric and endocrine related disorders, and turned to the Verso automated sample storage system to eliminate time-consuming manual chemical management. Verso stores both reagents and final chemical compounds, and provides real-time performance and inventory information to keep the lab informed.

Verso is integrated with Neurocrine’s in-house database as well as a Microlab VANTAGE liquid handling system to fully automate parallel compound synthesis. The combined automated system significantly increases efficiency and reduces project completion times. The company anticipates a one month return on the initial automated investment, and plans to expand the system in the future as they continue to grow.

A Hamilton Solution for Pharma

A major European pharmaceutical company uses the Verso automated sample storage system for primary powder compound library storage, with capacity to store and manage up to 2.6 million glass vials at ambient temperature, and a modular architecture to enable expansion for additional storage needs in the future.

The Verso enables fast and reliable sample retrieval and delivery for screening processes, and the compact, streamlined design minimizes moving parts to support decreased operating costs.

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