Automation to Bank on a Bright Future

Why risk damage or loss to generations of invaluable biological samples? Hamilton automated solutions safeguard biobanking samples during storage and processing so that they yield the highest quality of information to drive medical understanding and benefit the greater good.

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Advantages of Automating with Hamilton

Protect Sample Integrity with Hamilton Automated Solutions

  • Reduced risk of sample contamination and degradation using precise, monitored environmental controls
  • Protect against sample mishandling and misplacement through automated barcode scanning
  • Superior measurement accuracy, precision, and reproducibility via air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology

Extract High Quality Data with Hamilton Automated Solutions

  • Eliminate manual variability and errors via automated sample tracking, sample picking, and worklist generation
  • Improve efficiencies through LIMS integration

Enhance Overall Laboratory Efficiency with Hamilton Automated Solutions

  • Combine scalable liquid handling and storage systems for a powerfully optimized, integrated solution
  • Focus on high value activities through hands-free, hassle-free workflows
  • Receive personalized recommendations and training from dedicated Hamilton biobanking experts
  • Increase sample throughput
  • Gain flexibility when using multiple sample collection container types

Solutions for your Science

Explore the many ways in which Hamilton automated workflows benefit biobanking applications.

Events & Training

2018 SLAS Americas Sample Management Symposium

Omni Parker House, Boston, MA

Join this brand new event from SLAS that will impart the latest education, case studies and best practice in sample management, with a focus on drug discovery processes. Listen to our presentation “Using Automation for Sample Integrity and Process Efficiency” on November 13 presented by Michael Girardi.
National Biobank Symposium 2018

Mercure Hotel MOA, Berlin, Germany

The 7th National Biobank Symposium will again be organized and hosted this year by the Technology and Methodology Platform for Networked Medical Research (TMF eV) together with the German Biobank Node (GBN).

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

Through a unique combination of education, access to innovative technologies and intelligent peer networking, SLAS2019 delivers unmatched value for professionals and students looking to discover the latest life sciences technologies and how they can be applied to drive research objectives.
ISBER 2019 Annual Meeting and Exhibitions

Shanghai International Convention Center, China

Join ISBER in its first ever Annual Meeting in Asia. Vendors from around the world will demonstrate the latest products, services, and technology in the field of repository and specimen collection management. It is anticipated that over 700 delegates will attend the 2019 conference, serving as your prime opportunity to connect with repository professionals from around the world.

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