The ELISA STARlet assay ready workstation is a comprehensive solution for automating your immunoassay workflows. Hands-free preparation of sample, control, and standard dilutions can be optimized for use with your existing protocols.

Hamilton offers the flexibility to integrate industry-leading microplate washers and absorbance readers to enable a completely automated solution from loading samples through reading assay plates. Using Hamilton’s Venus Dynamic Scheduler, the ELISA STARlet can process multiple assay plates at a time while adhering to specified time constraints for incubation and plate washing.

Popular Devices Supported on the ELISA STARlet Workstation

405™ Microplate Washer

Epoch® Microplate Reader

SpectraMax® and VersaMax™ Microplate Readers

SPECTROstar® Nano Microplate Reader

Hamilton Heater Shaker


Coat and Block Assay Plates

Sample Dilution and Plating

Assay Plate Processing

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Specific Applications

  • Automated High Throughput ELISA Testing: Detecting Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG

    Performing ELISA testing manually opens the possibility for human error and can increase the turnaround time for crucial results, especially considering the current need to process large numbers of antibody testing samples. For this reason, Namida Lab has developed an automated system for high-throughput processing of thousands of serology samples per day to meet the testing demand of employers and large population studies. The system utilizes the Hamilton Microlab® STARplus and integrated devices to fully automate a commercially available anti-SARS-CoV-2 ELISA.

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