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The ELISA STARlet workstation is a comprehensive solution for automating your immunoassay workflows. Hands-free preparation of sample, control, and standard dilutions can be optimized for use with your existing protocols.

Hamilton offers the flexibility to integrate industry-leading microplate washers and absorbance readers to enable a completely automated solution from loading samples through reading assay plates. Using Hamilton’s Venus Dynamic Scheduler, the ELISA STARlet can process multiple assay plates at a time while adhering to specified time constraints for incubation and plate washing.

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Popular Devices Supported on this Platform

405™ Microplate Washer

Epoch® Microplate Reader

SpectraMax® and VersaMax™ Microplate Readers

SPECTROstar® Nano Microplate Reader

Hamilton Heater Shaker


Coat and Block Assay Plates

Sample Dilution and Plating

Assay Plate Processing

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