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Microlab STAR liquid handling system

Fully Streamlined Affinity Purification of Proteins

Hamilton Robotics and Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS) have developed an automated workstation to streamline affinity purification of proteins in all phases of research and manufacturing. IMCStips® contain loose affinity resin within Hamilton’s CO-RE® pipette tips and leverage patented dispersive mixing technology to efficiently bind the target analyte.

The combination of integrated purification with Hamilton’s robust liquid handling technology provides a fully automated and reproducible method for a historically time-intensive manual procedure. Method parameters for affinity IMCStips have been optimized to minimize reagent volumes, reduce consumables, and speed up the purification process.

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Features and Benefits

Pre-Configured Automation Platform for Affinity Purification

IMCStips utilize turbulent mixing to maximize contact between the resin and protein of interest to achieve up to 30 percent higher recoveries in less time. Automation delivers robust and reproducible purification of target analytes with consistent recovery percentages. Consumables and automation platforms form a combination of technologies to streamline time-consuming workflows.

Hamilton Verified Graphical Methods to Enable Plug-and-Purify Automation on the affinityPure STAR Platform

The affinityPure STAR for IMCStips is a pre-defined hardware configuration tested and verified with IMCS chemistry. This assay ready workstation includes Hamilton methods with a user-friendly graphic interface for simple automation deployment with the option for user customization. This fully-automated method eliminates user preparation of reagent plates and performs the entire affinity purification process.

Flexible Sample Processing to Alleviate Workflow Challenges

The affinityPure STAR can process up to 96 samples in 10 to 30 minutes, with user configurable parameters for mixing cycles, volume, and other optional steps. Testing mode enables rapid optimization of method parameters using a single deepwell plate and up to 8 samples.


All configurations are based on the Microlab STAR.

Length 31.3 in (795 mm)
Length with Autoload39.6 in (1006 mm)
Width 65.5 in (1664 mm)
Height 35.6 in (904 mm)

Want to review the full specifications?

Download the affinityPure STAR for IMCStips brochure for a full list of features and specifications.

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