Are you a biotech/biopharma upstream researcher or technician passionate about Process Analytical Technology (PAT)? Join the Hamilton Process Analytics Team for a compelling webinar exploring PAT in upstream bioreactor operations, as detailed in our white paper "How Does PAT Apply to the Bioreactor?".

You will:

  • Discover Insights from Process Sensor Technology Experts: Dive into advanced PAT applications for bioreactor control and optimization with Hamilton's process analytics specialists.
  • Explore Real-World Case Studies: Learn from practical examples as we showcase how real-time data enhances process efficiency. Viable cell density and dissolved CO2 will be the focus of this webinar and will be complemented by discussions about how monitoring, additional Critical Process Parameters such as pH and Dissolved Oxygen can benefit your processes.
  • Enhance Your Technical Expertise: Gain advanced strategies to apply PAT for optimal bioreactor performance.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Engage directly with Hamilton experts in a live Q&A, designed to deepen your understanding of PAT’s role in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


  • Giovanni Campolongo

    Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics, Hamilton
  • Monika Alder Novotni

    Product Manager, Hamilton
  • Yavuz Celik

    Product Manager Cell Density, Hamilton

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