“Hamilton has repeatedly proven to be a reliable and committed partner. From the beginning, we relied on Hamilton to automate our sensitive stem cells culture. Working with Hamilton’s staff feels like being part of one team, speaking the same language and having the same goals.

Professor Oliver Brüstle, University of Bonn and Life&Brain GmbH , Germany

“Hamilton STAR systems were our natural first choice. The innovative pipetting control prevented contamination in our cellular assays and provided accuracy and reliability in the biochemistry experiments.”

Dr. Luke Alderwick, Ph.D, Director of the Birmingham Drug Discovery Facility (BDDF), University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

“Hamilton offers a unique solution for our needs, with a focus on process robustness and sample safety. Every step of the protocol is monitored and traced, from the initial setup carried out by the operator prior to start, to sample identification during the whole run. This gives us complete confidence in our results and the sample integrity.”

Professor Per Knappskog, Head R&D, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway

“The Microlab® VENUS software is extremely versatile, simple to program and easy to use. We were able to develop methods according to our needs, without compromises. The air displacement technology and the overall STAR concept make daily use intuitive and trouble-free, even for operators with limited experience in automation.”

Dr. Marco Michi, Technology Supervisor, Aptuit, Verona, Italy

“A key consideration in selecting Hamilton’s STARlet workstation was the flexibility of implementing various protocols for nucleic acids extractions. We are now able to use different protocols for our panel of applications in molecular biology (HRM, Allelic discrimination, MLPA, PCR, QPCR, sequencing, southern blot, etc.,).

Dr. Valérie Capraro, Ph.D, Director Molecular Biology Division, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège, Belgium

“Over the past several years, we specified and acquired nearly twenty STAR systems with various configurations, to perform functions ranging from simple compound serial dilutions to complex assay protocols requiring precise timing and peripherals integration. Post-installation, as processes evolved, all of the systems could be easily re-configured. The systems have performed very reliably. Most importantly, field service and application support has been outstanding.”

Claude Dufresne, Ph.D

“At Altrix Healthcare, we use the Hamilton Microlab STAR as part of our screening process for Drugs of Abuse in samples of oral fluid collected with the Intercept® device. We have found the processors to be extremely versatile, and the use of these processors has increased our throughput by 200%. The commercial laboratory at Altrix Healthcare plc currently handles in excess of 1,000 samples per day, and such throughput would not be possible without the use of the Microlab STAR workstation.”

Dr. Frank Whitfield, Altrix Healthcare

“The Hamilton slide making robot has enabled us to process both small and large harvests in a considerably shorter period of time. The quality of the metaphase cells produced is equivalent to that obtained by manual methods, and as the slides are made in a consistent manner (in a temperature/humidity controlled room), this has also resulted in more consistent results in the subsequent batch G-banding of slides. The ‘walk-away’ capability of the robot has led to a significant reduction in manpower which has now been diverted elsewhere in our busy laboratory.”

Dr. Sally Jeffries, Birmingham Women’s Hospital

"Automation is an absolute necessity for performing the cumbersome workflow of NGS on a routine and diagnostic basis. In a professional partnership Hamilton developed and fine-tuned an automation solution that perfectly fits our needs. Now, three robots of Hamilton’s STAR Line allow for error free processing and massive reduction of hands-on time together with the required stability and reliability.

Only with the intense use of Hamilton’s robots we are able to HLA type ten patients in 12 hours at the highest quality level. "

Norbert Niklas, Blood Center for Upper Austria, Linz/Austria