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ArcAir Wireless Package

Bluetooth Package BT

ArcAir is Hamilton's mobile application and comes with additional reporting functionality within the GMP guidelines for measurement values, calibrating Arc sensors and configuring various parameters with the unified user interface for pH, DO, Conductivity and ORP.

ArcAir can communicate wirelessly with up to 30 Arc sensors at the same time parallel to the process control system. The Arc Wi Bluetooth adapter provides the wireless communication between Arc sensor and mobile device via the new Bluetooth 4.0 interface. The adapter is connected between the VP head of an Arc sensor and the sensor cable.

Additional to the ArcAir application, Hamilton provides a validation software GMP Compliance Package BT that offers central management functionality of users and validation reports for calibration, verification, configuration and communication within the GMP guidelines for all Arc sensors.

Key features:
- On-line wireless sensor monitoring (up to 30 Hamilton Arc sensors)
- Display sensor data
- User management
- Sensor assignment to user
- Sensor calibration
- Sensor configuration
- Sensor documentation (calibration-, verification-, communication- and configuration reports)
- Visualization of the sensor status and diagnostic data

Download the ArcAir application from the AppStore or PlayStore.