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96-Probe Head

96 CO-RE Probe Head

The Microlab STAR & VANTAGE Liquid Handling System expands the high throughput of multichannel liquid handling with a 96-channel pipetting head.

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The highly configurable and flexible Hamilton Microlab STAR supports multiple arms, each with a multichannel pipetting head.  Imagine the throughput and flexibility that can be achieved with both the 384- and 96-channel head on a single workstation with the highest on-deck plate density in the industry. 

  • The high precision 96-channel head is adaptable to a wide range of labware including 96- and 384-well microtiter plates.
  • Two channels on the 96-channel head can detect liquid level conductively for dynamic vertical positioning and optimum tip position relative to the liquid level.
  • The 96-channel head has pipetting range of 1 – 1000 µL.  It excels in pipetting accuracy.

  • The 96-channel head can also jet dispense down to 20 µL with touch off for applications requiring low-volume dispensing into dry microtiter plates.
  • The 96-channel head can pick up single rows or columns of tips and perform pipetting for applications such as, serial dilutions.
  • The CO-RE 96-Probe Head also is available with TADM for applications like monitored plate copying processes, pipetting of standards and controls into single columns of 96-well plates and plate reformatting (for example of 96-well to 384-well plates). Because of the real time monitoring the CO-RE 96-Probe Head 1000 µL TADM can provide significant time savings in processes such as serial dilution over a 96-well plate and set-up of PCR or sequencing reactions in 96-well plates.

Click here to view tip adapter.

Please click here to see the 96 channel head pick up a single row of tips.

Pipetting specifications
tip size
volume precision trueness
for disposable tips 10 µL 1 µL 5.0% 5.0%
10 µL 5 µL 2.0% 2.5%
50 µL 5 µL 2.0% 2.5%
50 µL 50 µL 1.0% 1.5%
300 µL 50 µL 1.0% 1.5%
1000 µL 1000 µL 1.0% 1.0%