Some versions of Hamilton pH and polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors are offered with Memosens® technology. Memosens is a digital sensor technology defined by the following characteristics:

Inductive electrical connector

Memosens sensors have a proprietary inductive electrical connector and cable. This design uses a corrosion resistant twist-lock connection between sensor and cable. The design has no exposed metal connection points thus is high impervious to short circuit problems caused by moisture.

Digital transmission

Bi-directional digital information can be communicated from the sensor to the transmitter. This information includes process pH and temperature measurements as well as sensor characteristics such as serial number and part number, calibration information, and operating hours. Since the information is digital the data is stable with no issues due to noise or errors from excess cable flexing and length such as found in traditional analog sensors.

Data storage

Sensor information such as automatic sensor recognition, calibration history, operating hours and sensor part/ serial number are saved with the sensor. This enables off-line sensor verification and calibration prior to usage in the process.

Memosens sensors must be connected to a Memosens transmitter such as the Hamilton H220X MS which can accept the digital signal and convert it to 4 - 20mA analog or other outputs suitable for process control. Hamilton sensors are also fully compatible with other manufacturers of Memosens enabled transmitters as well.

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