Hamilton Robotics is pleased to announce a new partnership in India, together with Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd (IGB).

IGB is a sub subsidiary of Integrated Gulf Biosystems, that has been collaborating with Hamilton for more than 10 years in the Middle East region, with more than 100 platforms installed. This great-consolidated experience will be expanded to India, in order to guarantee the best possible level of support for our clients.

We are excited to welcome Intra Globus Biosystems” says Davide Tonetto, Hamilton Business Manager Emerging Countries. “We believe the skills and the experience of IGB make them the right partner to access and service the Indian market with our products and our technologies”.

Our successful relationship with Hamilton, a world leader in lab automation, has enabled us to sell holistic, validated and customer-focused workflows to life sciences laboratories in the Middle East”, says Prabhu Sampath, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrated Gulf Biosystems LLC and Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd. “A growing market like India was almost a logical next step; we are looking forward to leverage our experience and expertise to explore opportunities and provide Indian customers with the best possible solutions to address their workflow’ needs, as well meet with the growing needs of the research and pharma community”.

About Integrated Gulf Biosystems LLC and Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd (IGB)

IGB is a complete solution provider in the fields of life sciences. Founded in 1999 in UAE, the experience, expertise and commitment demonstrated by the company has laid a strong foundation for growth and performance that have helped it expand its footprint significantly across the globe, with a presence in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya. As the company expands its portfolio with newer technologies, it has expanded its operation into the growing market of India with the branch entity Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd. Across geographies, IGB remains rooted in its value of creating excellence with regionally deployed teams, and using local expertise.

About Hamilton Robotics

A pioneer in liquid handling equipment and laboratory automation technology, Hamilton Robotics is renowned for advancing life science and biotechnology industries through reliability, performance, and flexibility. Hamilton is the industry leader in design, and manufacturing with patented technologies such as Compression-induced O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE), Total Aspiration and Dispensing Monitoring (TADM), and Anti-Droplet Control (ADC). Hamilton’s platforms include Hamilton VANTAGE, its newest vertically integrated liquid handler, Microlab STAR, Hamilton’s best-selling automated pipetting platform, and Microlab NIMBUS, the first in its class of compact, high-speed, personalized pipetting workstations.

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