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Measurement of viable mammalian and yeast cells in real-time

(Bonaduz, 06.11.2019) – Hamilton Bonaduz AG recently introduced the long-awaited Incyte Arc sensor for measuring viable cell density. Changes in cell physiology are detected immediately due to an on-line real-time control system, allowing for quick interventions. The Arc sensors combine the entire electronics in the sensor head, which minimizes the space requirement. The sensor’s data of the factory’s initial calibration are saved in the sensor head and do not need to be repeated tediously on-site. The transmission of calibration data, sensor information and measurement values is effected via USB, or wireless adapter and Bluetooth. The sensor status can be monitored at any time even during an on-going process. Another advantage is that in case of a disturbance, the cause can be evaluated and relieved immediately since configuration and parameterization can be adjusted as needed on-site. The data transmission is frictionless and interruption-free, due to its robust signal – optionally via 4-20mA or Modbus. “The Incyte Arc sensor is not only suited for the biopharma industry but also for breweries”, states Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics at the Hamilton Bonaduz AG. The sensor meets challenges regarding the yeast management, since cell numbers measured off-line only at certain points in time often leads to problems – which results in fermentation delays and deviations of the beer’s aroma profile. The robust real-time measurement of the living yeast cell provides reliable measurements that are not affected by dead cells present, and other factors. The Incyte Arc allows for an optimization of the yeast propagation, and a consistent, reproducible yeast dosage. User of Incyte Arc in both, the biopharma industry and in breweries, obtain higher yields as well as improved reproducibility alongside with lower costs.