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Bonaduz, Switzerland (08.01.2018) – Hamilton has developed a method for automating the library preparation of SOPHiA GENETICS’ CE-IVD marked HCS application in an advanced and flexible way.

The HCS by SOPHiA GENETICS is the first capture-based application that detects all types of genomic variants (e.g. SNVs, Indels & CNVs) in 26 genes associated with breast, ovarian and digestive cancers. Based on a standardized process, it assures clinical-grade analytical performance. The automated workflow on Microlab® STARlet™ reduces the bias associated with manual sample preparation further standardizing the process and minimizing human intervention.

During the validation study of the automated solution, performed at the Clinical Genomics Laboratory of Modena University Hospital in Italy, excellent results were obtained by identifying all confirmed variants.

The Microlab® STARlet™, equipped with proven Hamilton technology like CO-RE, MAD, and cLLD, combined with the HCS by SOPHiA GENETICS, provides a high degree of robustness and process-safety, that is a must for routine diagnostics..

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