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Hamilton offers a wide range of pipette tips to solve a variety of common automation challenges. Conductive, non-conductive, washable, slim and piercing tips are available in a variety for different volumes and packaging options. Below are the most popular filtered and conductive tips for use with ZEUS. Click below for a complete listing of Hamilton's pipette tips and contact a Hamilton representative to discuss which tips are most appropriate for ZEUS and your application.

All Robotic Pipette Tips

Part # Description
235901-ZEUS 10 µL Conductive Filter Tips for ZEUS
235948-ZEUS 50 μL Conductive Filter Tips for ZEUS
235905-ZEUS 1000 μL Conductive Filter Tips for ZEUS
235903-ZEUS 300 μL Conductive Filter Tips for ZEUS

See table below for other Hamilton CO-RE tip options available upon request

Pipette Tip Options

Tip Volume
10 µL 50 µL 150 µL 250 µL 300 µL 1 mL
Conductive, Sterile
Conductive, Filtered
Conductive, Filtered, Sterile
Conductive, Nested
Conductive, Nested, Sterile
Wide Bore, Conductive
Slim Tip, Conductive
Slim Tip, Conductive, Filtered
Non-Conductive, Clear, Stacked


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