Hamilton offers a wide range of pipette tips to solve a variety of common automation challenges. Conductive, non-conductive, washable, slim and piercing tips are available in a variety for different volumes and packaging options. Below are the most popular filtered and conductive tips for use with ZEUS. Contact a Hamilton representative to discuss which tips are recommended for your application.

Part NumberDescription
23590110 µL Conductive Filter Tips
23594850 μL Conductive Filter Tips
235903300 μL Conductive Filter Tips
2359051000 μL Conductive Filter Tips


See table below for other Hamilton CO-RE tip options available upon request

Pipette Tip Options

Tip Volume
10 µL 50 µL 150 µL 250 µL 300 µL 1 mL
Conductive, Sterile
Conductive, Filtered
Conductive, Filtered, Sterile
Conductive, Nested
Conductive, Nested, Sterile
Wide Bore, Conductive
Slim Tip, Conductive
Slim Tip, Conductive, Filtered
Non-Conductive, Clear, Stacked


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