Hamilton participates in the 4th national algae congress in Hamburg

This year’s participation of HAMILTON in the 4th national algae congress (Bundesalgenstammtisch) in Hamburg has been a complete success.

A multiplicity of lectures and posters about news and developments from the algae fermentation were presented and discussed. It was a question of different concepts for (photo)-bioreactors, adequate techniques of fermentation and energy production with algaes. Additionally molecular themes and results out of basic research were presented by known companies, institutes and universities.

The umbrella organization of the DECHEMA and the board of trade Hamburg, as well as the industrial partners EON Hanse and SUBITEC GmbH demonstrated their high potential of organization and sponsoring of this perfect platform for knowledge exchange.

Hamiltons german division, the HAMILTON Messtechnik GmbH, presented their results of collaboration with the Max-Plank-Institut in Potsdam-Golm. The Visiferm is successfully in use for more than two years of algae cultivation without a necessary exchange of the sensor cap. The sensor shows excellent performance for the cultivation of the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Partly, the cultivation time has been more than 500 hours with proven high stable measuring signals. Additionally it wasn’t possible to show cross-sensibility against typical gases for the algae cultivation like carbondioxide or hydrogen.

In addition to some discussions with actual customers the Hamilton presentation sparks high interests by the professional visitors.