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At the beginning of April 2012, Hamilton launches its latest Arc family member: the new ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) sensors EasyFerm Plus ORP Arc and Polilyte Plus ORP Arc.

This new sensor combines the Arc benefits with an ORP sensor for the first time:

  • Integrated Arc electronics in the sensor head
  • Very high signal quality due to elimination of negatively influencing factors
  • Integrated automatic standard calibration and product calibration
  • Self-diagnostics functionality
  • With digital and two 4-20 mA interfaces these sensors do not need any transmitter

As the other family members, the new Arc ORP sensor can be steam sterilized, autoclaved and CIP procedures can be passed. This innovation helps to strengthen the ARC portfolio and demonstrates a high customer benefit.

Main application:

Polilyte Plus ORP Arc sensor is developed for a wide range of demanding applications e.g. chemical industry and water treatment with reproducible and stable measurements over long period of time. EasyFerm Plus ORP Arc sensor is designed for applications with high demands for stable measurements in the pharmaceutical industry, in biotechnology and in food processing.