Combination of modules meets different requirements

High flexibility and superior performance for any syringe pump

Hamilton Bonaduz AG has developed a highly modular syringe system, which includes more than 100 syringe designs for virtually any syringe pump and application. Customers now have the option to select from a wide range of components including plunger styles, volumes, materials, stroke and thread lengths and to combine them as desired. The modular design makes it possible to fit almost any syringe pump on the market with Hamilton’s reliable and highest precision syringes.

The new syringes are available both as an InertLine option and as a ‘Zero Dead Volume’ option. The InertLine is predestined for use with critical liquids. This option excels by its stability against organic solvents and concentrated acids. It is also stable against corrosion since no metal is involved in the wetted path. The ‘Zero Dead Volume’ option convinces with the smallest dead volume, as the plungers can be pushed up to the stop. This works particularly well for the lower microliter range: Expensive mistakes are prevented, sample carryovers noticeably reduced and a high level of purity and precision is assured. A further advantage is the shortening of washing cycle. Aside from the high quality, Hamilton also convinces with a very fast availability of the syringes. The syringes can be collected and delivered in the shortest possible time to meet the customers’ individual requirements. That way, the top leading provider is able to fully meet its requirements for high levels of flexibility and reliability.