Operates Standalone or Integrated

The serial Modular Valve Positioner is designed for applications that can utilize RS-232 serial communication. The serial protocol provides better error handling and diagnostics that are especially helpful in critical applications. With serial command, up to 16 serial Modular Valve Positioners can be connected via a daisy chain. This model can be programmed using simple ASCII commands.

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  • Valve Positioner

    Part # / Ref # Description
    36798 Modular Valve Positioner (RS-232 control)
  • MVP Power Cord

    Part # / Ref # Description
    355008 Switzerland Power Cord
    3892-01 Continental Europe, Russia, Schuko Power Cord
    3892-02 Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, China Power Cord
    3892-03 UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Middle East Power Cord
    3892-04 Japan Power Cord
    3892-05 USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Brazil Power Cord
  • MVP Serial Cables

    Part # / Ref # Description
    77902 MVP Output to MVP Input Cable
    77908 PC Output to MVP Input Cable
  • MVP Power Supply

    Part # / Ref # Description
    4833-01 MVP 24V Power Supply


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