Syringe Pipette Controller

Pipette Controllers are intended to be used in place of rubber bulbs to easily and precisely fill glass pipettes. The free-sliding plunger coarsely fills the pipette, and the knurled plunger screw completes fine volume adjustment. The Luer tip syringe termination allows easy connection of tubing to glass pipettes.

Item # Description
84001 1 mL, Model 1001 LT Pipette Controller SYR, NDL Sold Separately

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  • Instructions - Pipette Controller

    The pipette controller syringe is a Hamilton Gastight® Luer Tip syringe modified with a special free-sliding, thumb-wheel plunger. The syringe is supplied with 41 mm (1-5⁄8”) of clear vinyl tubing, 3 mm ID (0.125”) x 6 mm OD (0.250”), to attach a pipette to the syringe’s luer tip. The syringe draws liquids into the pipette (liquids do not enter the syringe barrel).
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