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Reading graduations is always a challenge. The Hamilton Digital Syringe eliminates parallax errors by providing a digital readout on its integrated LCD screen. An adjustable plunger-stop guarantees reproducible plunger placement. Easily achieve precision up to 0.5% while dispensing volumes from 500 µL down to 50 nL.


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  • Instructions - Digital Syringe

    The Digital Syringe is a calibrated device composed of a serialized syringe and a serialized digital electronic holder. A certificate of calibration accompanies the unit. A digital readout allows enhanced syringe volume readability, while an adjustable plunger stop assures accurate, reproducible sample injections. The device also reduces the possibility of plunger bending. Suggested uses of the Digital Syringe include standard preparation, sample preparation, GC injection, HPLC partial loop filling, titration, and calibration of gas analyzers.
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