Syringe Digital Syringe 2

Digital Syringes

The Digital Syringe eliminates parallax errors and improves precision by providing a digital readout on its integrated LCD screen.
Syringe Syringe And Calibration Certificate

Calibrated Syringes

Calibrated syringes undergo additional testing and are shipped serialized with a calibration certificate traceable to N.I.S.T standards.
Syringe Care And Use

Syringe Care and Use

Keep your syringes operating like new with syringe and needle cleaning and storage accessories.
Syringe Pb 600 Dispenser

PB600 Repeating Dispenser

The PB600-1 Repeating Dispenser aliquots volumes between 0.2 µL - 50 µL up to 50 times at the push of a button.
Syringe Accessory Chaney Adapter 80404

Plunger Support Accessories

Hamilton offers two different plunger support devices. The Syringe Guide has two metal guide rods that preserve plunger alignment and prevent plunger bending. The Chaney Adapter uses three metal guide rods. The third rod has an adjustable stop that facilitates repeatable placement of the plunger.
Syringes Accessory Peek Needle Padded

Removable Needle Compression Fittings

The compression fittings and adaptors are designed to connect Hamilton Removable Needle (RN) and Knurled Hub (KH) syringes to Glass Capillary tubing and PEEK tubing. The connectors can be combined in a variety of different configurations to meet most connection needs.
Syringe Accessory Syringe Adapters Group1

Syringe Termination Adapters

These adapters attach to the end of standard Hamilton syringes to modify the functionality of the syringe.


Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
  • Reference Guide - Syringes and Needles

    The Syringes & Needles Reference Guide provides detailed information on Hamilton Company’s full portfolio of syringes and needles.
  • Guide - Syringe Care and Use

    This guide covers daily syringe use along with safety information and troubleshooting tips. Start by reviewing the syringe schematics and the Daily Use Protocol. Detailed explanations follow the Daily Use Protocol.
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