Syringe 1800 Series

The 1800 series syringes are the reinforced plunger version of the 1700 series syringes. Attached to the flange of the syringe is a blue Syringe Holder. The Syringe Holder provides a spot to hold the syringe that will not heat up the barrel causing dispense inaccuracies. Additionally it provides support to small volume plungers that are prone to bending during injections. This series of gas tight syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 µL up to 250 µL.

1800 Series Specifications

Model NumberVolumeBarrel Inner DiameterStroke LengthOperating PressureOperating Temperature
1801 10 µL 0.46 mm 60 mm 7 MPa 10 - 115 °C1
1802 25 µL 0.73 mm 60 mm 7 MPa 10 - 115 °C1
1805 50 µL 1.03 mm 60 mm 7 MPa 10 - 115 °C1
1810 100 µL 1.40 mm 60 mm 7 MPa 10 - 115 °C1
1825 250 µL 2.30 mm 60 mm 3 MPa 10 - 115 °C1

1 If the syringe termination is a cemented needle or luer tip cemented needle then the maximum temperature is 50 °C.

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