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Daniel Beard, Professor

We perform high-resolution respirometry (HRR) using an oxygraph from Oroboros (Oroboros Instruments Corp, Innsbruck, Austria). HRR is the state-of-the-art approach in mitochondria and cell research to measure respiration in mitochondrial preparations and intact cells combined with multi-sensor modules. During respirometry, additions to the chamber of the oxygraph (mitochondria or cells, substrates, activator, and inhibitors) are performed using Hamilton Gastight syringes.

We study heart mitochondria in animal models of heart disease, in human heart samples from transplant patients, or in normal heart to understand the energy metabolism of the heart. Analysis of mitochondrial respiration, a cornerstone of these studies, uses the oxygraph and associated tools (including the Hamilton Gastight syringes). We also teach members from the University of Michigan (UM) research community to measure respiration in their samples using the oxygraph. For example, we give support to projects about adipose tissue, lung cancer, aging, cell response to stress, yeast, and C. elegans. These Principal Investigator (PI) or their students or post-doctoral fellows come to our laboratory to use the oxygraph on a regular basis. We also collaborate on respirometry with a University of Wisconsin (UW) group. One of our oxygraphs will soon be shipped to Ohio State University (OSU) for the measurements of mitochondrial respiration in freshly collected human heart. This will require a new set of Hamilton Gastight syringes, and training of new users.

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