Prp H5

Pentafluoro reversed-phase column for unique selectivity

The PRP-h5 derives its hydrophobic functionality from a pentafluorinated polymer bead, delivering a selectivity difference from standard silica C18 stationary phases. This gives chromatographers the desired retention characteristics necessary for certain sample types. This difference is especially pronounced for halogenated solutes.

Unlike silica-based C8 or C18 columns, PRP-h5 has no stationary phase coating. Since there is no stationary phase to hydrolyze, the column maintains its performance characteristics longer than silica-based C8 or C18 columns.

Application Examples:
Organic compounds: macromolecules (> 2,000 mw), pharmaceuticals, protein digests, tryptic digests, proteomics

  • PRP-h5 Columns

  • PRP-h5 Guard Columns

  • PRP-h5 Bulk Resin

PRP-h5 Applications


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