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Prp X400

Fast separation of glyphosate and its metabolites. Inositol and sugar alcohols.

Application Examples: Glyphosate and its metabolites in drinking water, inorganic and organic cations.

  • PRP-X400 Columns

  • PRP-X400 Guard Columns

  • PRP-X400 Bulk Resin

PRP-X400 Overview

The PRP-X400 column provides a fast separation for glyphosate and its metabolites, due in part to the higher exchange capacity of the resin. It also performs well in other separations, such as inositol and sugar alcohols. This column operates well at room temperature, so a column heater is not necessary for glyphosate separation. PRP-X400 columns are also very cost effective relative to most glyphosate columns.

How to Choose Column Specifications for Your Application

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