Hamilton sensors keep air conditioning systems in good shape

(Bonaduz, 08/19/2016) – Pipework failure of air conditioning systems caused by corrosion is a risk in every big building. Especially in hospitals, failures may lead to shutdowns of wards or even to cancellations of surgeries. In order to prevent these unpredictable shutdowns, Hamilton Bonaduz AG offers the VisiFerm DO Arc and the Conducell 4USF Arc sensors for monitoring dissolved oxygen and conductivity in the water loop.

An increased level of dissolved oxygen indicates that oxygen has entered the system through a possible leak, poor installation or bad maintenance. VisiFerm DO Arc, based on the luminescence measurement principle, convinces with its reliable dissolved oxygen measurement down to ppb levels, fast response times and easy maintenance. Compared to conventional amperometric sensors, it is flow independent and starts up quickly. In this way, the constant monitoring of dissolved oxygen in hot and cold water systems helps to react quickly and to keep the pipework in good shape.

Additionally, corrosion inhibitors in the cooling water increase the protection level of the air conditioning systems. Since an insufficient amount of corrosion inhibitors easily leads to corrosion of the pipeline, valves and heat exchangers, a simultaneous conductivity measurement is needed to maintain a proper level. Insufficient corrosion inhibitor levels lead to low conductivity values, whereas very high conductivity values indicate a waste of resources. The Conducell 4USF Arc sensor with its EHEDG certified design measures conductivity precisely and dependably.

Both sensors use the Arc technology, i.e. the functionality of a traditional transmitter is replaced by a micro transmitter within the sensor head. In this way, the data are processed in the head and the sensors communicate directly with the process control system, including sensor diagnostics. For best monitoring results the sensors are installed in the main engine room of the air conditioning systems, where they are permanently exposed to the circulating water. For transmission and evaluation of the collected data, Hamilton cooperates with Midland Corrosion Services Ltd. / Hevasure, UK. The sensors meet the company’s needs and enable them to plan the maintenance of the air conditioning systems in advance. Thus unplanned and unnecessary downtimes can be avoided and the availability of the systems can be increased.