Reno, Nevada, (September 17, 2015) – Hamilton Company introduces the VisiTrace Optical DO Sensor for low-ppb dissolved oxygen measurement in power processes, where maintaining low oxygen is critical. VisiTrace measures very low – 0 to 2,000 ppb – levels, and the optical technology is not affected by hydrogen or CO2, which have plagued electrochemical DO sensors. The sensor’s unique design integrates the transmitter, eliminating the costs associated with buying and installing a separate transmitter. Yet VisiTrace has the smallest footprint of all DO sensors.

VisiTrace does not require polarization and has virtually no maintenance requirements. An easy exchange of the sensor cap is all that is occasionally required. VisiTrace can also be configured and calibrated from a smartphone via Bluetooth.

“Accurately measuring and controlling dissolved oxygen to avoid corrosion and downtime is critical in power applications,” explained Don Spriggs, sensors market segment manager for Hamilton. “We help customers accomplish this with an optical sensor that not only measures very low levels but also requires almost no time-consuming maintenance.”