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The company is very satisfied with the course of the year

(Bonaduz, January 1, 2016) – The Hamilton Bonaduz AG looks back highly satisfied on the year 2015. Many visitors at the trade fairs Achema and BrauBeviale were interested in the products made in Switzerland. Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics at Hamilton sums up: “We can draw a very positive conclusion from both trade fairs. Our booths were very well attended. We also gained the impression that the quality of our contacts was increased yet again. We were not only able to impress long-existing customers, but also to win many new interested prospects for our products.” The main focus at the Achema trade fair was particularly on the premiere of the Polilyte Plus sensor family. A reliable pH measurement in virtually any industry field is made possible by means of the sensors. All members of the Polilyte Plus family use the long-term stable reference electrolyte Polisolve Plus that improves the sensors’ durability and ensures reproducible measurements. Another Highlight for 2015 was the new Arc Bluetooth package. It consists of the Arc View Mobile, a sensor adapter and the Arc Air App. The Arc View Mobile is a tablet solution, which is based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active and is provided pre-configured with the new ArcAir Advanced App. The user can choose between two different sensor adapters, depending on the field of application. Both adapters have color indicators. In this way, the current sensor status is registered on the sensor itself as well as on the mobile device, and can be seen by means of the ArcAir App. The ArcAir App enables a wireless communication with up to 30 Hamilton Arc sensors at the same time. As a result, an additional Arc View Handheld is not needed. Another novelty presented by Hamilton during the year was VisiTrace DO, a sensor for the exact measurement of oxygen concentrations in low ppb ranges. In this way, the company meets an essential need for brewery processes after filtration and before the filling. Users are now able to perform measurements in the range from 0-2,000 ppb. The sensor is stabilized against active chlorine and chlorine dioxide and allows for a quick detection of changes in oxygen concentration. Preparations for the year 2016 are already underway. After the brewery seminar was issued for the second time and with a very positive response, the responsible team is already planning the next seminar for 2016.