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Products wrongly labelled

Hamilton Bonaduz AG stops distribution via Giorgio BORMAC s.r.l. in Italy

(Bonaduz, February 11, 2015) – The Hamilton Bonaduz AG has ceased with immediate effect the distribution of laboratory and process sensors via Giorgio BORMAC s.r.l. of Italy. This is due to the fact that this company has falsely sold sensors with the Hamilton product brand.

Information from the marketplace indicates that BORMAC distributed laboratory electrodes with ambiguous and misleading manufacturer specifications, which - in spite of a declaration as a Hamilton product - have not been produced by the Swiss company. Hamilton once again stresses that BORMAC is not authorized to use the brand Hamilton for third party products.

Moreover, contrary to the claim made by BORMAC, we would stress that the electrode manufacturing has not been relocated to Hamilton Central Europe. All electrodes continue to be Swiss-made, and continue to fulfil Hamilton’s exacting quality standards.