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Hamilton offers 15 syringe options for the CTC/Leap LC/HTC/HTS PAL, and 2 syringe options for the CTC/Leap A200S HPLC Autosampler.

Hamilton offers three varieties of syringes for the LC/HTC/HTS PAL System :

  • S-Line syringes deliver exceptional performance for everyday use in HPLC autosampler injections at a great value.
  • C-Line syringe minimizes the potential for bent needles with a keyed flange design.
  • X-Type syringes are designed for sensitive LC samples (i.e. proteins, peptides, phospholipids, smaller amines, etc.) with a specially coated needle and inner syringe barrel to minimize sample adsorption.

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Comparing S-Line, C-Line, and X-Type Syringes

S-Line Syringes

S-Line syringes are the cost-effective choice for CTC PAL autosampler applications. S-Line syringes deliver great performance in everyday use for HPLC injections at an exceptional value. The Gastight version of the S-Line syringe is an ideal choice for HPLC sample injections. It incorporates a precision-machined PTFE plunger tip which creates a leak-free seal. With the tight fit in the glass barrel, the tip wipes the interior of the syringe barrel free of sample, minimizing sample carryover. This feature is particularly useful with heterogeneous samples as it reduces the chance that a deposit will occur and cause the plunger to freeze.

C-Line Syringes

C-Line syringes incorporate several unique design features that ensure superior performance. An improperly installed syringe can cause mis-injections or bent needles due to poor alignment. The unique flange alignment design aids in installation and results in fewer bent needles while the plunger button can be adjusted to prevent plunger tip damage. An innovative direct attachment design of the needle to the barrel minimizes sample carryover.

X-Type Syringes

X-Type syringes have a near zero carryover and a long-lasting plunger tip to meet the requirements of sensitive, high-throughput life science applications. The syringe glass barrel is polished and coated for chemical inertness and enhanced lifetime. The needle is deactivated and coated to reduce sample adsorption. Tests with critical samples like phospholipids, basic molecules and peptides have shown that carryover and absorption are reduced depending on the sample. The plunger’s life cycle is also improved.


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