Syringes Accessories Duel Rn 55752 01

The Dual RN Coupler was developed for use with Hamilton Compression fittings. Its primary purpose is to connect PEEK tubing to a metal needle or a glass micropipette. In general, it can be used as a coupler between any two small hub removable needles, fittings, or accessories.

constructed from model 1702 glass with a small hub RN termination on either end. It uses a standard glass size for compatibility with most stereotaxic instrumentation. The coupler is ideal for remotely connecting a syringe to a needle via PEEK tubing. It is also used with the Luer to RN adapter for the connection of custom needles to a 7000 series syringe. The Dual RN Coupler consists of two large-bore RN nuts and one dual RN barrel.

Item # Description
55752-01 Dual Small Hub RN Coupler


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