Syringes Accessory Rn To Luer Adapter

The Hamilton 7000 series syringe uses a Knurled Hub (KH) termination where the tungsten plunger wire runs to the tip of the needle. Adapting and priming tubing or glass micropipettes to the end of a 7000 series needle can be difficult. This KH to RN Adapter when combined with the Dual RN Coupler converts the needle to an RN termination that can be further adapted.

The KH to RN Adapter consists of a Metal Luer Lock Hub and a Small Removable Needle Hub combined in a single needle. The adapter creates a rigid easy to prime connection between the 7000 series syringe and the Dual RN Coupler. It requires a 7000 series syringe with a 25-gauge needle.

Item # Description
55753-01 Luer to Small Hub RN Adapter


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