Needles Cleaning Kit

The needle cleaning kit include a series of tungsten wires with varying outer diameters for removing clogs that form inside of small gauge needles. Each package of wire comes with 10 seven inch wires. A biodegradable cleaning concentrate is also included to help remove tenacious residues.

  • Needle Cleaning Kit

    Part # / Ref # Description
    76620A Needle Cleaning Kit (All cleaning wires and 70 mL concentrate)
  • Needle Cleaning Wires

    Part # / Ref # Description
    18300 Cleaning Wires for 26s and 31-33 gauge needles
    18301 Cleaning Wires for 22s, 25s, and 28-30 gauge needles
    18302 Cleaning Wires for 27 gauge needles
    18303 Cleaning Wires for 24-26 gauge needles
    18304 Cleaning Wires for 22, 23, and larger gauge needles
    18306 Cleaning Wires for 23s gauge needles
  • Cleaning Concentrate

    Part # / Ref # Description
    18310 Cleaning Concentrate 70 mL
    18311 Cleaning Concentrate 500 mL


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  • SDS - Needle Cleaning Solution

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