The Microlab 600 Series Diluter

The Microlab 600 is a highly precise syringe pump with a graphical user interface designed to quickly and easily dilute and dispense liquids. This positive displacement system provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid's viscosity, vapor pressure and temperature. The inert fluid path minimizes sample carry over and improves compatibility with harsh chemicals.

How do I order a diluter?

The Microlab 600 Diluters are sold in complete packages that include all tubing, syringes, and accessories that are needed. The available options are in the table below. To select the correct package you will need to select a controller, hand probe, and syringe sizes.

Part NumberControllerHand ProbeDiluent SyringeSample Syringe
ML615-DIL Basic Concorde 10 µL - 50 mL 10 µL - 50 mL
ML625-DIL Advanced Concorde 10 µL - 50 mL 10 µL - 50 mL
ML625-DTHP Advanced DTHP 10 µL - 50 mL 10 µL - 50 mL

Syringe Selection

If you are planning to perform the same dilution all the time then select syringes with nominal volumes closest to the desired sample and diluent volume. If you are planning to do a variety of different applications with the same instrument setup then compromises in dispense volume and accuracy should be considered carefully. Contact a Hamilton Specialist to make the best selection.

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Optimal dispense volume range

An accuracy of 1% and 0.2% precision is achieved when dispensing above 10% of a syringes nominal volume. Reasonable accuracy can be achieved down to 1% of a syringes nominal volume. The Microlab 600 syringe allows for programming of dispense volumes in increments less than 0.01% of the nominal syringe volume.

Accuracy and Precision Table DILUTION RATIO BY SYRINGE

Sample Syringe Considerations

When selecting a sample syringe it is important to consider the hand probe. When using a Disposable Tip Hand Probe (DTHP) the maximum tip volume is 1 mL so it would not make sense to select a larger sample syringe. With the Concorde Hand Probe the syringe should not exceed 80% of the volume of the dispense tubing. Longer custom tubing assemblies are available if a large sample size is required.

Tubing Internal Volume Table

Diluent Syringe Considerations

When selecting a diluent syringe it is important to keep in mind the desired final volume of your dilution. It is also critical to consider priming of the instrument. While it is possible to select a 10 µL syringe it could take a very long time to prime the fill and dispense tubing with such a small syringe. In practice a 1 mL or larger syringe is preferred.

Dilution Wizards

Quickstart Method

This is method is available with both the 'Basic' and 'Advanced' controller. It is the fastest way to program a dilution method but has the least options and functionality. Set a volume for the left diluent syringe and the right sample syringe and you are ready to go!

Dilution Wizard

The dilution wizard is available in the 'Advanced' controller. It provides a flexible interface for entering dilutions by sample volume, ratio, or final volume. Wizard settings can be saved as favorites or can be stored as a custom method. Additional wizard features include:

  • Air Gap between sample and diluent or after sample is aspirated
  • Wash volume to rinse after a dilution
  • Syringe Aspirate and Dispense Speeds
Hamilton ClickSure Tips 1000 µL, Bulk, Standard, 960 tips/bag

Dilution with a Disposable Tip

For biological samples where cells are cultured or DNA is amplified a disposable tip may be preferred. In this case the sample is aspirated and dispensed using the disposable tip which is then discarded prior to dispensing the diluent.

Standard Preparation from Powder

Preparation of standards for analytical analysis usually requires precise weighing and transferring of powders into volumetric glassware. The Dry Weight Dilution Wizard enables weighing directly into a vial and automatic calculation of the liquid volume needed to make the desired concentration. No more transfer errors and cumbersome calculations.


Download Optional Dilution Wizards

These optional Wizards can be installed on any Advanced Controller running software revision 5003 or later. Download the plugin files below and save them to the Microlab 600's SD card. Insert the SD card and press the Update Icon that is found in the Utilities menu

Microlab 600 ML600

How Does the Microlab 600 Benefit Your Lab?

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Specific Applications

  • App Note - Cannabinoid Sample Preparation

    In today’s growing Cannabis industry, customers and state regulations demand accurate measurements of active compounds in cannabis products. The Microlab 600 Diluter/Dispenser makes measurements more reliable, allows the method to use less consumables, and cuts down on preparation time.


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