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How Does the Microlab 600 Benefit Your Lab?

Tell us how your lab uses the Microlab 600 for a chance to win Microlab 600 Bubble Free Prime Syringes. New winners are selected every month!

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Let us know how we can improve our product to benefit your lab, and you will be entered to win up to two* Bubble Free Prime Syringes depending upon instrument configuration.

The Microlab 600 is currently used to semi-automate repetitive and highly precise manual tasks across many industries including Forensics, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Petrochemical, Mining, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical.

The more we know about your Microlab 600 methods and applications, the more we can develop this product line to simplify your day-to-day tasks.

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New Winners Selected Every Month

  • Applications will be evaluated primarily on the thoroughness of the method description, and ingenuity of the product improvements.
  • The composition and effort of the written sections will also be considered.


Monthly Submission Deadline

  • Entries must be submitted and received by the last Friday of each month to be considered for the next month’s award.
  • Hamilton Company will notify the winners by email and/or telephone no later than the second Tuesday of the following month.
  • Multiple entries may be submitted by the same applicant, or facility as long as the application or method described is different within each entry.

Tell Us How Your Lab Uses the Microlab 600 to Win


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