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Silica packing material for a variety of reversed-phase separations Hamilton HxSil C18 columns are well end-capped for retention time reproducibility and durability. HxSil C18 columns exhibit greater retention than most columns and enhances the separation of compounds that are not sufficiently retained on other C18 columns.

Application Examples: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, small organic molecules.

  • HxSil C18 Columns

  • HxSil C18 Guard Columns

  • HxSil C18 Bulk Resin

Overview of HxSil C18

Alkylated silica is used for reversed-phase HPLC columns. Hamilton offers two varieties of this composition: C18 and C8. C18 columns are more hydrophobic than C8 columns and thereby retain hydrophobic analytes more strongly than a C8 column will. Due to stronger retention, C18 columns tend to result in longer retention times and better separations. C8 columns result in shorter analyte retention times which produce faster analysis times.

How to Choose Column Specifications for Your Application

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